A conversation with Josh Tickell.

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This post is only peripherally related to biodiesel. It has nothing to do with the cooperative approach, BSB (Big Sustainable Business), or my ideal for Promethean Biofuels.

This post is about one of the stories that led to the start of this blog.

I made the decision to start a blog after a conversation I had with Josh Tickell. Josh Tickell is in my view one of the modern masters of biodiesel evangelism in the new millennium. I will write more on this topic later; I should start at the beginning.

Josh had a few days before our momentous conversation invited me to the “Burning Man’s Decomposition” festival in Los Angeles. He was planning to bring his iconic Veggie Van, as well as discuss biodiesel to the arts and rave crowd in attendance. He also had completed a very early trailer for his documentary “Fields of Fuel”, and was planning to preview it that same weekend.

I had told Josh the day before that I could not attend, but when I awoke on the day of the event I decided to reprioritize the day and forward my exploration of all things biodiesel. I got dressed and accompanied by my girlfriend we went to see Josh and the van.

When I arrived one thing was immediately apparent; I was underdressed. For those who don’t know, Burning Man events are for artists with a flair for fashion or those in costume. Josh’s outfit reflected this fact; he was wearing a shirt sewn together from a shiny metallic-blue fabric and jeans dyed in the star-spangled pattern of the American Flag.

I was happy to see him and gave him a hearty hug, usually reserved for my dearest friends. Josh has been very excited for the last year or two about his film project “Fields of Fuel”, which had at that time not yet been released. Josh and his team were working on the final edit (cut), and he excitedly rushed me and my companion into the van to see the twenty minute promotional video he had recently completed for the film.

I watched the video intently the first time. In earnest I wanted to say something inspirational or provide positive criticism, and I watched the first half again towards this effort.

I finished watching the video, arose from my seat which was immediately taken by an older gentleman who had been waiting patiently outside, and exited the van.  Josh hastened us to take a seat to talk for a bit.

I spoke to him about how I had become a biodiesel enthusiast, my entrepreneurial perspective on the industry, and a few other ramblings that I will spare you.

Josh did not spare me. He looked at my companion and asked, “Do you understand anything this guy says?”

My companion replied, “No, not really.”

My feelings were hurt. I felt that my ability to play a part in furthering the future of biodiesel had somehow been questioned.

I also realized that I needed to hone my communication skills.

I may not have made any progress yet. Like all great things, it’s a work in progress.

Make it a better place,



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One of the initiatives we have embarked on this month is to increase the visibility and level of viewer participation of Bioenergy Unbound.  A decision was made to reach out to other blogs and blog aggregators to assist us in our efforts.  One of the shining stars in the “blogosphere” is Technorati, and I thought it appropriate to mention them in a separate post. In the future months you will see several new buttons at the bottom of our posts aimed at making Bioenergy Unbound and Promethean Biofuels a more easily accesible part of your daily life on the web.

We will now resume our regularly posted topic.

Make it a better place…