Quality. Quality. Quality.

As we approach final plant design, the pace is beginning to accelerate at Promethean. Countless things to do, an unending cadre of decisions to be made, and a score of activities to be completed make for some hectic days and long nights. And as the days pass and we approach completion, I am now beginning to […]

So many projects. So little time.

In preparation for final technology selection, I have had the opportunity to examine a number of ways to make biodiesel, and each method does have its advantages and disadvantages. All things considered, price has been a deciding factor for much of the design and I have focused on an initial design that will produce up to 3 MMGY of biodiesel if run in a constant fashion. Some hard decisions were made; to centrifuge or not; to use cavitation or not; to use large ion-exchange columns or a series of small columns.