For me this year has been one of constant inspiration. It has been a challenging year for me, as it has been for many.

As a nation we remain at war. Our local and global economies, so delicately interwoven, are in the midst of a precipitous fall to an unknown bottom. Many of my friends and family are homeless and suffering. And for some, their loved ones will not be returning home.

But in these times of crisis and unexpected loss there are extraordinary opportunities to create lasting and meaningful change. Barack Obama has focused the message of his presidency on Americans sharing a common purpose, that includes a renewed sense of civic and social responsibility, volunteerism, and policies for sustainability.

Promethean was founded on these principles, and of course the principles themselves are not new.

What oftentimes is beyond prediction is the ways in which these principles will be demonstrated by those individuals that choose to adopt and apply them. 

The caliber of individuals attracted to the cooperative is amazing. It is seeing the growing level of activity, commitment, and sense of purpose that I find inspirational. It has been awe-inspiring to see so many, passing through difficult times, remain so willing to give of themselves to work towards a sustainable future.

Thanks to you all!



Challenges to overcome.

Creating quality fuel from used oils and fats is a challenge that pales in comparison to organizing a Cooperative.

The challenges are daily ones; maintaining focus and alignment, completing tasks in the allotted timeframes, and achieving meaningful concensus that results in making the right decisions and not ineffective compromise.

The social climate around the plant is improving, even as the strain in the local economy affects the morale and pocketbooks of many around us.  

This week and the next will be busy ones as we prepare for final “design” approval. Our design is taking on a life of its own. It is organic in the sense that it  is determined by those items that are readily available or affordable, and not by some pre-ordained set of architectural requirements.

Not to say that there are not any requirements.  The goal is the same as it has always been; take something that has been a problem in the past and convert it into high quality biodiesel fuel and usable by-products.

Make it a better place,