The 4th IRS visit.

The IRS made another stop at the plant today to take a sample of material from a batch they had sampled before but had failed their initial test for oxidative stability.

I have spoken numerous times before on the importance of fuel quality. Quality concerns border on obsession in our plant. We are engaged in the work of building our quality and environmental management systems as I write this.

We were able to correct this particular fuel quality problem by dosing with a commonly used oxidation stability agent. Of the many issues that can arise in commercial-scale biodiesel production, oxidative stability is easiest to solve.

But the issue I am struggling with is not the ease of solution but our curent lack of a lab equipped with a GC or gas chromatograph. Gas chromatographs are generally used to test the purity of a substance, and generally are thought of as required devices for any mature biodiesel lab.

And so as I stood witness to the sample being taken I also made a vow to work hard on maturing our lab in the form of better equipment to match the incredible set of processes that are evolving and taking root in the plant itself.

Donations anyone?

Make it a better place,