Coopetitive Biodiesel

I believe in coopetition!

Coopetition is how I define cooperation between ordinarily unlikely allies; competitors.

The biofuels industry at the best of times is challenging. In times like these it is a formidable thing to simply survive and to thrive requires a visionary approach to the business coupled with strong execution.

At times reaching out to your competitors can be frustrating. I often need to confront secrecy, the air of superiority, reluctance and failure all in the same call.

It takes a commitment to compromise, the ability to create a value proposition for both sides, the willingness to risk strengthening your competitor to strengthen your organization.

Most are too short-sighted to see the value of coopetitive relationships, and I must admit that they are not always the best path to short-term industry dominance.

At any rate I will not be deterred from attempting to cultivate competitive advantage from cooperative competition.

Make it a better place!