Producers must re-register plants under RFS2

If you are not already aware, even if your facility was registered under the first version of RFS, it must re-register prior to July 1, 2010 to participate under the auspices of the new program.

Another bill fails, but we cannot afford to.

The most recent effort to reinstate the biodiesel tax credit was embedded in the Hiring Employees to Restore Employment Act, or the HIRE Act for short. This piece of legislation when authored by Senators Baucus (D-Mont) and Grassley (R-Iowa) looked to be an excellent bipartisan shot at reinstating the biodiesel industry’s much desired credit. But last week it was announced that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) would move forward a version that removed the majority of tax credit inclusions, including the biodiesel tax credit. The reasons for this lack of support are cureently the subject of intense speculation, but one possible reason put forward by Nicholas Zeman in his recent article for Biodiesel Magazine resonated with me.

On biodiesel, feedstock, and production as a service.

Whether or not a new mandate is in place or the excise tax credit returns, the core industry problem remains; feedstock.