Accelerating Innovation

We may not have a large budget for R&D, but as an organization we are strongly committed to it.

The pursuit and development of intellectual capital are cornerstones to our long term sustainability. The development of new products, services, and solutions fuels our future.

This pursuit oftentimes ends in failure, but it also prepares us to face the rigors and growing pains any young and rapidly expanding organization faces in today’s economic climate. The focus is to learn and recover quickly from our failures, which requires a certain level of organizational maturity in our data collection and communication process that remains a work in progress for us here.

We are actively pursuing grants, refining our manufacturing process, evolving our systems, and preparing to operate at full speed. We still have several build projects for both internal use and external delivery, including constructing an oil dryer, outfitting a new ion exchange cannister (this will be beautiful!), and the fabrication of another of the specialty sight glasses dotting the plant that serve as harbingers of ester quality.

We also find ourselves engaged in a few of the garden variety plant modifications that  one finds necessary as one realizes that a sample port in the spot you thought would never need one is now a high priority.  Engineering reviews, oil wrangling, computer installations, vacuum pump repairs, and samples testing add to the abundant list of tasks completed, in process, or in queue.

Finally, we are in the midst of intern recruitment and selection.  Anna is really in charge of the recruitment part. We are excited at the level of response we have received, and I am convinced that this years selection will yield a force to be reckoned with during their summer on the glorious project that is Promethean Biofuels.

Make it a better place!