Promethean growing pains: 2012

Every organization that survives the initial stages of growth goes through “growing pains”. The type and scope of the pain may vary, but generally they range from issues with internal communication, inconsistent adherence to quality controls or other corporate policies, and consequently an increase in the number of events in direct correspondence to lower levels of customer and team satisfaction . As the pace of business increases, the likelihood of these newly emerging issues manifesting themselves becomes inevitable, often necessitating changes in personnel, corporate culture, and the addition of increasingly stringent controls.

At Promethean we find ourselves experiencing more pain, and we are preparing ourselves for rapid growth. At the same time I realize that we are walking a fine line; we are skirting the edge of greatness and oblivion at the same time.

Two weeks after hosting a very successful conference we are in the midst of a paradigm shift in our culture and mode of operation. The next few months will determine our place in the rapidly maturing, but far from mature, California bio fuels market place. More importantly, the new technology few weeks will see the formation of the team that can take us from a small production plant placed somewhat counter-intuitively in the midst of southern California wine country to a readily recognized global market participant.

Those of us who have more than a few years under our belts in this industry know that it often seems as if we are on a roller coaster, with highs and lows that sometimes obfuscate the reality of how well, or how poorly, our individual enterprises are actually performing at any given moment. There are many that I count amongst my friends who will not have the same opportunity to experience the joys and pains that the next few years hold for those of us that continue to actively fight the good fight and produce our often under appreciated fuel. Many will go on to be agents of change in other industries.

Nothing is certain as it pertains to the future. For now we simply need to do our best to enjoy the ride.

Make it a better place.


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