Promethean: Agents of Change

Agents of change.

Be greater than average. Be an agent of change. Be the solution. Be Promethean.

How many times have we passed someone in distress only to pass them by in the hopes that someone else would arrive, perhaps better qualified or less pressed for time in that moment, to assist them. I am guilty of this, and I imagine most of us can remember at least a time or two this has happened.

And yet I stand behind the statements initiating this entry, for that is the reality of the culture we are creating at Promethean Biofuels.

We are not perfect. We do not need to be. In fact our imperfections contribute to our ability to find solutions to problems, whether they are implementing changes to our process to improve efficiency, or simply overcome the fact that individually moving 6 tons of butter every day quickly leads to exhaustion in humans.

We have problems. Some are more easily resolved than others.

We are a microcosm of the human condition and at times we lose sight of what is really important. We also lose sight of how much power we have as individuals to positively or negatively impact the lives of our families and neighbors, whether these impacts are ultimately realized in their level of happiness or the preservation of the environment that sustains us.

We strive to overcome our imperfections. Those we cannot overcome we at least do our best to understand.

We work really hard to make the world a better place. We work as a team. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses, and having the strength to inform those around us, makes the team more effective and helps us achieve our desired goals.

We believe in what we do and the ultimate value of our products and services.

We are responsable and accountable.

We serve the community, intelligently, utilizing sustainable technologies.

I have the privilege of working with an amazing cadre of talented individuals. We are always seeking others to join us in our cause and approach, which I have outlined briefly above. I would love to hear from anyone out there that is interested in working together with Promethean.

As always, make it a better place.


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