The last mile.

The work is hard. The hours are long. Progress seems interminably slow.

The plant is mere weeks away from opening. I spend each day turning wrenches, fitting pipe, working out various electrical issues, titrating oil, talking to other producers, talking to would-be producers, and wondering how everything will get finished in time.

The major hurdles that remain, the last mile, that last 5%, separates a useless collection of tanks connected to pumps and electrical controls from something of utilitarian beauty that connects a community to the ideal of energy independence by producing a high quality biofuel.

Although I complain about slow progress, help has come from many sources. 

Jeremy arrived a few weeks ago with a bevy of tools, an abundance of community connections, and the desire to see a functional plant built in the spirit of America ingenuity. I might add he’s an excellent welder.

Richard, a local firefighter who had planned to make his own biodiesel, dropped off 200 gallons of used soy in excellent condition, saying that he was excited to see a plant the size of ours in his town. He brought his mother and daughter along to show them the plant as well.

Our first intern starts next week. 

I may not be able to see the finish line, but I think I see the starting point of the next part of the journey.

Tomorrow morning my wrench and I will work to forward the cause of making it a better place.






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