RFS 2 Rumour Mill

The EPA is getting closer to final decision making related to the new set of rules slated for implementation in RFS 2 (renewable Fuel Standard v2).

Rumors abound, but I do have some interesting tidbits related to some of the biodiesel producer requirements that seem sure to become fact.

The first is that biodiesel producers everywhere will be required to re-register their facilities.  This re-registration may require a plant engineering review, ostensibly to ascertain the ability of a plant to actually produce ASTM quality fuel. This requirement may also be an attempt for the EPA to regain a certain amount of credibility as well as limit the currently overwhelming number of new producer registrations.

Another item that seems to be the next sure thing is that the future EPA hosted RIN tracking system will be added as a module to the current Central Data Exchange (CDX) registry system. I would suggest that any producers out there may want to check the accuracy of their CDX records sooner rather than later.

Make it a better place.


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