Exciting times.

It’s been exciting times here at Promethean of late.

Lots of system testing, shipping a methanol recovery unit to some friends (who also happen to be customers), working on the computing infrastructure, and tending to a variety of issues both big and small that have a tendency to alter the landscape of each passing day, occupying it with tasks you never intended to take on to the sacrifice of the stuff you really intended to accomplish.

My focus in the next two weeks is on improving our technology and operations infrastructure here at the plant.

We were disappointed to find out this week that the Small Business Innovation Research grant we applied for was not funded. We had submitted a grant to develop a test next generation biodiesel film evaporatorfor  use on the farm. A solution like this would be something of a game changer in the small to mid-size farm environment. The grant included a component of market research to find some guidance for how much interest the farm comunity would have in this sort of solution.

USDA said nope. Denied. It was a small grant request, but as everyone who has applied for a grant knows a good amount of work is required to submit a complete and award-worthy proposal.

Well, if at first you don’t succeed….

Make it a better place!


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