My last two entrepreneurial endeavors have been learning experiences. In entrepreneur code speak experience is “what you get when you don’t get what you want.” Experience is a great teacher, but it can be the teacher you least like to learn from directly.

I decided to build this site to share, and I hope that if you have found this site you will also find it of some use as a resource to you regardless of your current state of success or failure.

I do not believe that in living our lives, whether we are engaged in the pursuit of happiness, our lifes ambitions, a business, marriage and raising a family, making art or trying to learn something new, we should fear failure. Failure is a natural and common occurrence and ultimately anyone who has ever truly succeeded has or has been prepared to fail. A healthy respect for the potential consequences that result from failure is prudent, and required for those who are committed to the path of success.

Whatever your personal definition of success may be, I do not believe anyone is truly successful until they have assisted someone else, not for money nor for personal gain, simply because one of the greatest acts of a lifetime can be realized when one selflessly helps another achieve their dream.

Here’s to those helping to make the world a better place.


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