Steadily increasing.

The complexity of our design-build projects is steadily increasing. From constructing continuous flow methanol recovery units to welding 316L stainless steel manifolds for 4″ diameter pipe connections, we are asked to devise an ever-increasing array of solutions for a growing number of clients.

We also are awash in internal projects; the construction of an oil dryer; fabrication and installation of a new ion exchange column; the occasional major pump repair.

Although projects abound our first priority remains ramping up production. It is a work in progress, a process that requires patience and fortitude in equal measure. There are periods where progress seems at a standstill until a momentary breakthrough, sometimes a result of intellect but perhaps as often the consequence of simple dumb luck, leads to a process improvement or innovation.

We are in the process of collecting and reviewing our internship applicants for the Summer 2010 program. I must say that I am pretty anxious to start the final interview and acceptance process. Our interns have some very interesting and challenging assignments to look forward to here.

My hope is that over time Promethean can help develop some of the future leaders of clean, sustainable and renewable energy. I am sure making this hope a reality will also require some additional measure of patience and fortitude. I guess I better try to keep in mind that life is a journey and not a destination.

Make it a better place!


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