Happy 4th of July!!!

The July Edition of our Newsletter, “Unbound” is now online and can be found here in PDF format. Next week, Part Two of our three part series discussing the niche cooperatives are potentially best prepared to serve in the alternative energy sector will published. Finally, I would like to invite you all to attend this years Biodiesel Collective Conference. Held at […]

The next generation cooperative as bioenergy distributor.

This is the first in a three-part blog designed to explore opportunities for cooperatives to thrive in the newly emerging sustainable energy sector. In Part 1, I discuss the basic principles of cooperative formation and outline an initial niche-based value-opportunity for cooperative activities in the sustainable energy sector.

Should we blame oil speculators for high prices of gas?

A recent article in USA Today quoted US Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman as saying that oil production not meeting the growth in recent demand levels was the primary culprit in the current high price of oil.  Mr. Bodman stated, “There is no evidence that […] speculators are driving future oil prices.” According to the Energy Secretary the economics […]