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The first post is the hardest!

Welcome to the first post for the cooperative!

My name is Todd Hill. I have been working on creating a thriving energy cooperative in California for the past 14 months. It started with a vision of creating an organization that would serve the community as a local distribution hub for biofuels, with our initial efforts focused on the production of biodiesel.

Promethean Biofuels started from a series of meetings I had with our resident theoretical chemist Ken Craig. Ken and I posited the possibility of creating an organization that focused on converting waste into chemical energy and other products in local communities. I had an extensive background in environmental business and sustainable business solutions, and I was intrigued by the possibility of creating a scalable enterprise that relied on micro-nodal economics and community support to help create a new infrastructure of recycling solutions that provided direct benefits in the form of energy or chemical building blocks to be used in manufacture.

Although our progress has been slow, to paraphrase Louis Pasteur, there is strength in tenacity.

I am not sure what path brought you to this post. Whether it was passion for all things bioenergy, late night boredom, or an accidental click on the wrong search result, I invite you back to read, write, and ruminate with those of us working toward the common goal of making tomorrow better.